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The Sexy Feminine Of Thigh-High Boots For Women

Boots for women have been more about their sex appeal than about functionality. Read this special post on thigh-high women's boots to see where the appeal lies.

black knee high boots thigh high models
Women's boots are vastly different from the boots worn by men for the simple reason that women wear them more for their oomph factor than for any specific purpose. We are going to discuss some real couture stuff, like the thigh-high boots - things that really have to do with the sexy feminine factor more than functionality. These have been made famous more by the ramp strutting female models than the women who spend their day in a 9 to 5 job, and hence their impression is more about their sexiness than about any other factor.

flat thigh high boots black images
Thigh-high boots imply that these boots come up to the thighs, but there are kinkier variations of these boots that come right up to the lower hip area. Their length is variable, but they can be identified by the fact that these boots will be generally way above the knee. Their make and structure is mostly the same as the knee-high boots, only that the materials used need to be more flexible to allow for the movement of the knee as that will be inside the boot too.
sexy black women suede thigh high heel boots shoes images
But unlike knee-high boots, thigh-high boots are used by women exclusively for fashion wear. Julia Roberts was probably the first woman to make these boots famous in the celebrity circuit with her act in Pretty Woman, which included a scene of her seductively coming out of them too. Perhaps that is where the kink factor associated with the thigh-high boots began. In recent years, these boots have stepped from the world of pure glamour to the world of erotica, and even fetish.
Black High Heel Thigh High Sexy Boots
Even then it is necessary to mention that most female music divas of today have sported thigh-high boots somewhere or the other, and some of them have even performed live concerts dressed in these boots. Some of the big names in the world of haute couture are creating a fashion niche for thigh-high boots and they have already marvelously succeeded. So, even when there is a lot of typecasting for thigh-high boots, it is quite evident that they have their place in the mainstream fashion society too.


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